Friday, June 3, 2016

Lego Ninjago Summerline 2016 Haul

Hello people, two days ago when I checked the Lego website I realized the Summer ninjago line was out and just got carried away with the sets :D
Big Box!!!!!

I did write a previous post where I listed the sets I wanted to get and I did almost stay within that margin though I switched out one set.
Originally I had on my list:

  • The lighthouse Siege
  • The Kryptarium Prison Breakout
  • The Ronin Mech now called the Salvage M.E.C.
So lets see.
Here are all the sets I got 
I think at first glance it is obvious what sets I got and which I did not. Although it is not on the list, I did have the stealth vehicle on my mind but instead of it I got the Samurai X Cave.

Let's take a closer look shall we.
This set looks great and once its build I am sure it will be

Of course the lighthouse, if you know my preferences in Ninjago, you will know that I love buildings more than vehicles. 

The M.E.C. is still here and it looks great.

This set I got mainly cause of the pirates and while it looks small, I think it may have a few secrets. 

Finally in the end I got this from the lego store as a present with my order.

So those are the sets I bought and I think the rest may follow but not for a while. In  the end I think the Value is great compared to lets say the new Star Wars sets.
The free present looks quite good and could actually fit within the Ninjago sets. 

I hope you enjoyed the new sets as well and I will see you soon. 

Have a great day, 

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