Friday, June 3, 2016

Lego Ninjago Summerline 2016 Haul

Hello people, two days ago when I checked the Lego website I realized the Summer ninjago line was out and just got carried away with the sets :D
Big Box!!!!!

I did write a previous post where I listed the sets I wanted to get and I did almost stay within that margin though I switched out one set.
Originally I had on my list:

  • The lighthouse Siege
  • The Kryptarium Prison Breakout
  • The Ronin Mech now called the Salvage M.E.C.
So lets see.
Here are all the sets I got 
I think at first glance it is obvious what sets I got and which I did not. Although it is not on the list, I did have the stealth vehicle on my mind but instead of it I got the Samurai X Cave.

Let's take a closer look shall we.
This set looks great and once its build I am sure it will be

Of course the lighthouse, if you know my preferences in Ninjago, you will know that I love buildings more than vehicles. 

The M.E.C. is still here and it looks great.

This set I got mainly cause of the pirates and while it looks small, I think it may have a few secrets. 

Finally in the end I got this from the lego store as a present with my order.

So those are the sets I bought and I think the rest may follow but not for a while. In  the end I think the Value is great compared to lets say the new Star Wars sets.
The free present looks quite good and could actually fit within the Ninjago sets. 

I hope you enjoyed the new sets as well and I will see you soon. 

Have a great day, 

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Update Time!

Hello, first of all, it flatters so much I still get page views daily, even if it is just one (no not mine).

I just wanted to say that I will try harder, currently I am waiting on a new camera but the main issue is my motivation.

Time is not the problem, I have lots of it but with that comes the lack of motivation and that makes me feel down which leads to the semi depression.

I love all my readers and I want to try harder, you deserve more effort.

Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Lego and "Depression"

Hey, today I want to talk about something more personal.

My love for Lego is obviously related to the fact that I grew up with it and some sets I buy are nostalgia driven.
BUT, Lego also helps me now a days with my personal life.
When I say it helps me I mean that it helps me with my constant down feelings.
I do not want to say depression because a lot of people have severe depression and I do not want to compare myself to those in worst state.

But for the past year and a half I have been dealing with a lot of rejections from apprentice employers and my future is clouded.
Putting effort into applications, interviews and eventually getting nothing but rejected gets to you as a person and these downs are terrible.
This is where Lego comes in. Building sets distracts me, it makes me happy and fuels my creativity.
To me Lego is not just a toy or a nostalgia thing, it is also a way to escape life for a moment.

This is just to show that for some like me Lego is much more than a passion.

Thank you for reading

and always stay positive :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

New LEGO Instagram Page!

Hello people, the past days I made an Instagram account where I upload lego pics taken by me that I think look pretty neat.
Have a look and follow me if you like it :) I will try to post stuff daily if I can.
Here is the latest thing I posted which was an attempt at being funny ^^

Enjoy and have a great day.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

I am Sorry (update)!!!!

I am Sorry, that is how I will start this post. I am sorry for not posting and I will tell you why, no excuses.
This happens sometimes where my motivation and commitment to certain things that I love just vanish.
I am sorry but people are still here so I will try harder and that I promise.

Now to everyone a good wrestlemania day if you watch wrestling and if not then have a nice sunday :)

Thank you for listening or reading.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Lego Exclusive Easter Figure 2016!

Whats this, whats this?
There is an outhouse standing there.
Whats this, whats this?
There are flowers everywhere.

Okay, enough Nightmare before Christmas, props to you though if you sang along. 

Anyhow, this was a little present that came with orders over 30 euros on the Lego Shop (at least in Germany).
The set I ordered was Rey's speeder. 

Although the picture above is I think supposed to be a chicken pen, it looks more like an outhouse, you know, where you go poop. 

Here is the back. I love the small details, like the carving in the wood and the Lego figures in the window. 

Here is what is behind the door. CHICKEN MAN. Nothing else in the box though.

Here is a closer look. No torso print, molded arm pieces that are the wings, standard head with a chicken helmet or mask, and front printed legs. 

Finally the back. It is pretty plain, so nothing else to say here. 

That was all pretty much, thank you for reading and I hope you can get your hands on this exclusive figure. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

My Lego Summer 2016 buy list!

Hello fellow Lego fans. Today I wanted to talk about the Lego sets I am guaranteed getting from the Summer 2016 wave.

-Just as a side note, the pics where taken from the following blog talking about the Nürnberg Toy fair-

A bit surprising is the fact that so far I only have 3 sets on my list and all are Ninjago. I was a bit disappointed at the Star Wars selection especially at the Force Awakens set as they could have done better.
In all fairness the year isn't over and if they do release a new Death Star, it is very likely that I will get it.
Now onto the sets.
First off is the Lighthouse Siege defense I believe it is called. I got into ninjago mainly for the buildings and seeing a new one definitely made me happy so this is going onto the list. 
I like this set mainly due to the bottom rock structure. From the get go I can see that this set can only be really displayed from one side but that's alright. 

Next is the Ronin mech. This set will add nicely to the ongoing mech battle in my display and I like the design of it a lot. 

Last is the Kryptanian Break out set. I am also a fan of small structures and this one looks pretty neat. This set seems to be heading into a pirate direction and that I like a lot as pirate themes always have my attention. Could this mean a bigger pirate ship in the future? 

These are some sets I will definitely be buying 
My price guesses? (I have not checked if there are set prices yet, these are just my thoughts)

  • Kryptanian Break out: 30 euros
  • Ronin Mech: 50 Euros
  • Lighthouse Siege Defense: 100 - 150 Euros. 
I am hoping for many more great Ninjago sets and would buy them all but you always have to make a choice. 
Thank you for reading and stay tuned for a very special review coming very very soon. 
Until next time, have a great day.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Lego NINJAGO Layout final update (for now)!

Hello peeps and Lego fans.
It's been a while, again lots of stuff to deal with.
Anyhow, I worked a lot on my NINJAGO layout recently and wanted to share it with you.
Just be warned, it is all a bit pushed together due to space reasons and could look a lot better if I had the resources.
Here is a quick overview of everything. Sadly there is a blank table space that I could not fill at the moment but maybe in the future. 
It is set up like a battle and yes, you will see ninjas twice or more everywhere. 
What I am most proud of is this section here. My lego minecraft sets had to suffer for the base plates but it looks pretty neat in my opinions. The only things I want to refine is the lower sections of the river walls. 

Here is a look at the baddies. I know, loads of water, but since a lot of the enemy sets I own are flying and the city of stix is in water I decided that it is alright for now. 

I always like the idea of having the anaconda temple on top of mountains so I tried that out. I think it looks decent but you can clearly see my amateur MOC experience. I also switched the bridge so that there was a way down. The helicopter is a very tight fit. 
To seperate the areas a bit I added a small waterfall which runs into a hole in the ground. I also added a waterwheel to supply electricity. 

Here is the bottom of a lot of the sets. I used almost all my clear pieces but the two airships just had to be in the "air".

On top I had a shelf (ikea) which I used for a dragon showdown. 
Fun fact: Master Wu I only display 2 even though I have him 4 times. I liked him riding his Dragon the most. He is hidden inside the flying ship and inside the temple. The only other place he is in is his little airbaloon but you can barely see him. 

Here is another look at the Ninja side. Placing the tiger island was hard so I put it in the back just to make it seem like the enemies are invading the Ninja land. On the bottom left you can also see a bit of enemies fighting ninjas. 

Finally I added kind of a border. A double border actually. Also there is the rope cannon used to bring down the enemy mech. 

Overall I think my layout looks nice but it can be a lot better. One day I will definitely expand on it and buy more baseplates. 

You can clearly see my lack of experience building MOC creations but I think I did a good job with the area next to the Airjitzu Temple.

Thank you as always for reading and stay tuned for more reviews and other posts


Friday, February 19, 2016

Lego Ninjago layout update!

Hello readers, I think I mentioned that I was working on a Ninjago layout.
I have an update picture. It does not look excellent so far by any means and I am currently only using the pieces I have and my minecraft set suffered a severe deconstruction :/ but that is what lego is ^^
So here you go:
I have to see what to add to the lower side but I do not think I want more water at least not past the second baseplate. I will need to acquire more baseplates :(.

Oh and these are all the sets I need to display :D with 2 more coming in. 

This is all for now. Any suggestions? Comment :D

Much love as always.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Bricklink Haul February 17

Hello wonderful readers.
I have another Bricklink Haul blog post for you guys.
I have been getting a few new sets so building took up my time along with personal situations.

This haul came mainly from me needing some pieces for the Aquazone set I recently acquired as of course it was missing pieces.

But first, let me show you one of my favorite things to come out of the haul.

Santa Maul. 
I am not quite sure which advent calendar this one came from but I saw it on the seller store and had to get it :D
Here are the replacement pieces for the Aquazone set. I only really needed 2 columns and 1 red square but its always good to buy larger quantities. 
Finally, some 16x16 baseplates for general building

That is pretty much it. 

Thank you again for reading and I hope to release more content more frequently once I get my sets sorted out.

Much love as always and have a great day.


Monday, February 8, 2016

Lego Collection Updates and new layouts!!!

Hello wonderful readers. I have been stumped with work, could you believe it :D

I have been doing an internship but that is not why you are here.
I have recently made loads of changes to my setup and wanted to share it.
The reason behind this is the fact that I got quite a load of sets from ninjago to minecraft to systems.
Ah well lets get to the pics.
This is currently my ninjago set up. I had something else to the left but will dedicate the table to mainly ninjago as I want to make an entire battle set up between good and bad. 
The city of Stix is very nice and I think one of my favorites. But for the moment I will lay low with ninjago as I want to wait for the summer wave. 

This is above the temple and the city of stix. I will move them down once I set up things. The anaconda temple is on some  mountain pieces. 

This is the other thing I got over a private seller. I paid 80 euros for this. It was a steal to be honest as the person who sold it to me had the original set plus 1 mountain plate and a normal green base plate. I ordered the 4th mountain plate over bricklink. However I think I may use 2 of the mountain plates for the ninjago as the whole thing does not fit in my showcase. 

here is my minecraft stuff all mashed up :D

This is what it all looks like currently on one side. I have the planets from the lego star wars planet sets hooked up with a line and hung them up because why not. 

Here is another look at the completed planets colelction. I was very happy to finish this. 

Currently I am still expecting an Aquazone base set. The complete orient expedition line and another Ninjago set don't know which one yet as my girlfriend bought it for me for valentines day. 

I will be back with another update soon. 

Any tips or comments are appreciated and wanted :)

Thank you for reading and have a great day. V. 

Saturday, January 30, 2016

LEGO Minecraft Snow Hideout

Hello peeps, sorry for the long absence.
I am going to motivate myself for a more frequent upload schedule as I actually want to get somewhere with this Blog :)
Today I got the Snow hideout for you from the Lego Minecraft series.
Minecraft always seemed perfect for Lego and although I was skeptical at first, I do enjoy the sets quite a lot right now.
Here are some facts:

  • Costs roughly 40 euros
  • 3 minifigs per say
  • 327 pieces
Let's look at the set
It is a pretty standard minecraft look but I especially like the use of transparent blue and green pieces. The door looks quite nice as well and this really captures the minecraft essence. 
Here we see the first area of the build with a tree, fence, torch and a water bucket. There is also a special feature for the creeper. Press the white tile and...
BOOM, the ground is blowing up. 
Here is a look at the water area with 2 coal blocks. The light blue tiles are used to represent the frozen water.
Here is the front of the igloo. The door is made very nicely and I also like the front windows. 

The whole igloo opens up but there isn't a lot inside it. There is the typical crafting bench and a fireplace which we will look at in the next picture. Other than that there is a lot of open space. 
Here is the front room again with the fireplace, workbench, shovel and they also added a pressure plate for the door. 
Finally the figures. We get a snow Golem, Steve and a creeper. I think the Golem is the best part about this set and it actually shoots snowballs. 

Here are my final thoughts on this set.
  • Nice figures
  • Captures minecraft as it is
  • The tools and special bricks look great
I really like the minecraft sets and have 2 more I could review. 
Minecraft is easy to represent in Lego and in my opinion they did a great job.

Thank you for reading and much love as always.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

LEGO Star Wars Carbon Freezing Chamber 2016

Hey Guys and Girls, sorry this one took a bit longer as I had some new sets to build ^^

Today we are looking at the Carbon Freezing Chamber from 2016. I am a huge Boba Fett fan so I was looking forward to this set when I heard this but in the end it did not meet my expectations.
Here are some facts.

  • Price: 30 Euros
  • 3 Minifigs with a new one
  • Only includes freezing chamber
Let's jump straight to the pics shall we? (Note: for some of the pictures I had to show my hands to somehow show the actions. I am thinking of adding videos some time in the future to newer posts)
This is the basic view and right from the get go you can see that it does look neat color wise but there is not a lot to this set. Saying that let me show you a closer look.
Here is the back and HELLO, there is Han Solo. The back is very open and you can see a lot of the Technic studs sticking out. This set is what I like to call a one angle set, meaning you can only really display it from one side without custom adjustments. 

The bottom of the right side has a little flap which I never figured out BUT Mr. JangBricks said that this is a place to put or hide solo when you turn him into carbon. If you do not know Jang please check him out he is fantastic. 
Now the hard part, showing the actions. This here is a little lift that is operated by your hand and held in place with the little ball joint. 
The next actions you do by pulling the center ball joint out, then turn it and then push it back in.
This is where my main issue is with this set. From a front view, when Solo goes down it looks neat but one you turn the knob and he is turned into carbon you can see that sticking out quite a bit.
HONESTLY I would have preferred if they stuck with the movie and made it elevator style so that he goes down, spins and turns back up.
FINALLY we have the figures.

  • A standard Boba Fett with not arm or back printing
  • And the first (correct me if I am wrong) Ugnaught figure. He has Star Wars style clothing but the best part is certainly the head mold. Very nice and exclusive figure.
  • Excuse the fact that I forgot Solo
The final Verdict. 
  • The figures are great. I love the Boba figure and the Ugnaught looks fantastic.
  • The price is alright but I feel like Lego is always finding ways to include less for more
  • It is however a good way to get your hands on Solo, Boba and the Ugnaught without spending money on a Slave 1.
  • The set itself is ok, I am not a fan of the transformation or freezing process.
Thank you as always for listening and much love as always.