Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Bricklink Haul February 17

Hello wonderful readers.
I have another Bricklink Haul blog post for you guys.
I have been getting a few new sets so building took up my time along with personal situations.

This haul came mainly from me needing some pieces for the Aquazone set I recently acquired as of course it was missing pieces.

But first, let me show you one of my favorite things to come out of the haul.

Santa Maul. 
I am not quite sure which advent calendar this one came from but I saw it on the seller store and had to get it :D
Here are the replacement pieces for the Aquazone set. I only really needed 2 columns and 1 red square but its always good to buy larger quantities. 
Finally, some 16x16 baseplates for general building

That is pretty much it. 

Thank you again for reading and I hope to release more content more frequently once I get my sets sorted out.

Much love as always and have a great day.


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