Monday, February 8, 2016

Lego Collection Updates and new layouts!!!

Hello wonderful readers. I have been stumped with work, could you believe it :D

I have been doing an internship but that is not why you are here.
I have recently made loads of changes to my setup and wanted to share it.
The reason behind this is the fact that I got quite a load of sets from ninjago to minecraft to systems.
Ah well lets get to the pics.
This is currently my ninjago set up. I had something else to the left but will dedicate the table to mainly ninjago as I want to make an entire battle set up between good and bad. 
The city of Stix is very nice and I think one of my favorites. But for the moment I will lay low with ninjago as I want to wait for the summer wave. 

This is above the temple and the city of stix. I will move them down once I set up things. The anaconda temple is on some  mountain pieces. 

This is the other thing I got over a private seller. I paid 80 euros for this. It was a steal to be honest as the person who sold it to me had the original set plus 1 mountain plate and a normal green base plate. I ordered the 4th mountain plate over bricklink. However I think I may use 2 of the mountain plates for the ninjago as the whole thing does not fit in my showcase. 

here is my minecraft stuff all mashed up :D

This is what it all looks like currently on one side. I have the planets from the lego star wars planet sets hooked up with a line and hung them up because why not. 

Here is another look at the completed planets colelction. I was very happy to finish this. 

Currently I am still expecting an Aquazone base set. The complete orient expedition line and another Ninjago set don't know which one yet as my girlfriend bought it for me for valentines day. 

I will be back with another update soon. 

Any tips or comments are appreciated and wanted :)

Thank you for reading and have a great day. V. 

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