Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Lego NINJAGO Layout final update (for now)!

Hello peeps and Lego fans.
It's been a while, again lots of stuff to deal with.
Anyhow, I worked a lot on my NINJAGO layout recently and wanted to share it with you.
Just be warned, it is all a bit pushed together due to space reasons and could look a lot better if I had the resources.
Here is a quick overview of everything. Sadly there is a blank table space that I could not fill at the moment but maybe in the future. 
It is set up like a battle and yes, you will see ninjas twice or more everywhere. 
What I am most proud of is this section here. My lego minecraft sets had to suffer for the base plates but it looks pretty neat in my opinions. The only things I want to refine is the lower sections of the river walls. 

Here is a look at the baddies. I know, loads of water, but since a lot of the enemy sets I own are flying and the city of stix is in water I decided that it is alright for now. 

I always like the idea of having the anaconda temple on top of mountains so I tried that out. I think it looks decent but you can clearly see my amateur MOC experience. I also switched the bridge so that there was a way down. The helicopter is a very tight fit. 
To seperate the areas a bit I added a small waterfall which runs into a hole in the ground. I also added a waterwheel to supply electricity. 

Here is the bottom of a lot of the sets. I used almost all my clear pieces but the two airships just had to be in the "air".

On top I had a shelf (ikea) which I used for a dragon showdown. 
Fun fact: Master Wu I only display 2 even though I have him 4 times. I liked him riding his Dragon the most. He is hidden inside the flying ship and inside the temple. The only other place he is in is his little airbaloon but you can barely see him. 

Here is another look at the Ninja side. Placing the tiger island was hard so I put it in the back just to make it seem like the enemies are invading the Ninja land. On the bottom left you can also see a bit of enemies fighting ninjas. 

Finally I added kind of a border. A double border actually. Also there is the rope cannon used to bring down the enemy mech. 

Overall I think my layout looks nice but it can be a lot better. One day I will definitely expand on it and buy more baseplates. 

You can clearly see my lack of experience building MOC creations but I think I did a good job with the area next to the Airjitzu Temple.

Thank you as always for reading and stay tuned for more reviews and other posts


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