Wednesday, March 2, 2016

My Lego Summer 2016 buy list!

Hello fellow Lego fans. Today I wanted to talk about the Lego sets I am guaranteed getting from the Summer 2016 wave.

-Just as a side note, the pics where taken from the following blog talking about the Nürnberg Toy fair-

A bit surprising is the fact that so far I only have 3 sets on my list and all are Ninjago. I was a bit disappointed at the Star Wars selection especially at the Force Awakens set as they could have done better.
In all fairness the year isn't over and if they do release a new Death Star, it is very likely that I will get it.
Now onto the sets.
First off is the Lighthouse Siege defense I believe it is called. I got into ninjago mainly for the buildings and seeing a new one definitely made me happy so this is going onto the list. 
I like this set mainly due to the bottom rock structure. From the get go I can see that this set can only be really displayed from one side but that's alright. 

Next is the Ronin mech. This set will add nicely to the ongoing mech battle in my display and I like the design of it a lot. 

Last is the Kryptanian Break out set. I am also a fan of small structures and this one looks pretty neat. This set seems to be heading into a pirate direction and that I like a lot as pirate themes always have my attention. Could this mean a bigger pirate ship in the future? 

These are some sets I will definitely be buying 
My price guesses? (I have not checked if there are set prices yet, these are just my thoughts)

  • Kryptanian Break out: 30 euros
  • Ronin Mech: 50 Euros
  • Lighthouse Siege Defense: 100 - 150 Euros. 
I am hoping for many more great Ninjago sets and would buy them all but you always have to make a choice. 
Thank you for reading and stay tuned for a very special review coming very very soon. 
Until next time, have a great day.

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