Saturday, January 30, 2016

LEGO Minecraft Snow Hideout

Hello peeps, sorry for the long absence.
I am going to motivate myself for a more frequent upload schedule as I actually want to get somewhere with this Blog :)
Today I got the Snow hideout for you from the Lego Minecraft series.
Minecraft always seemed perfect for Lego and although I was skeptical at first, I do enjoy the sets quite a lot right now.
Here are some facts:

  • Costs roughly 40 euros
  • 3 minifigs per say
  • 327 pieces
Let's look at the set
It is a pretty standard minecraft look but I especially like the use of transparent blue and green pieces. The door looks quite nice as well and this really captures the minecraft essence. 
Here we see the first area of the build with a tree, fence, torch and a water bucket. There is also a special feature for the creeper. Press the white tile and...
BOOM, the ground is blowing up. 
Here is a look at the water area with 2 coal blocks. The light blue tiles are used to represent the frozen water.
Here is the front of the igloo. The door is made very nicely and I also like the front windows. 

The whole igloo opens up but there isn't a lot inside it. There is the typical crafting bench and a fireplace which we will look at in the next picture. Other than that there is a lot of open space. 
Here is the front room again with the fireplace, workbench, shovel and they also added a pressure plate for the door. 
Finally the figures. We get a snow Golem, Steve and a creeper. I think the Golem is the best part about this set and it actually shoots snowballs. 

Here are my final thoughts on this set.
  • Nice figures
  • Captures minecraft as it is
  • The tools and special bricks look great
I really like the minecraft sets and have 2 more I could review. 
Minecraft is easy to represent in Lego and in my opinion they did a great job.

Thank you for reading and much love as always.

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