Wednesday, December 23, 2015

LEGO Bricklink Haul

Hey guys. I am still getting my room organized and got a bunch of new sets this week so I wanted to make a quick blog post where I show my Haul from the bricklink store.
Bricklink is a store where you can buy individual lego parts from different sellers. It is kinda like amazon but for legos.

Here is a picture of everything that I got.

And here are some closer looks:

The clear pieces will all be used for stands so that I can display more sets in the same area or have some in flying positions. The green studs are for small additions or replacements.
Finally here is a look at the figure.
Left we have a hoth trooper though I am not sure about the face and do not really care about it as I just purchased it to get to the buying minimum,
The real deal is the one on the right which is Sabine. I needed her to complete the Ghost crew for the rebels sets and didn't want to purchase any of the sets she was in. I did buy the pistols as well but overall I am happy with her. Now just need to get her helmet. 

Bricklink is a great place for people who need small parts or individual parts.
If you guys like this I will do more Haul pieces.
Thank you for reading.

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