Monday, December 28, 2015

My Lego Collection

Hey guys, I will get another Bricklink delivery soon and its a big one.
In the mean time I wanted to share my Lego collection. This includes not only Star Wars but other themes as well.

This is the complete collection in one picture but I will show you individual pictures of each section.
At first glance you may notice the variation in Styles of the showcases. The one on the far left is a very antique one and belonged to my great grandmother and my grandfather. 
The one in the middle is the cheapest IKEA one I could find and I really like it and will get another one to replace the bookshelf on the right. 
I really hate dust so close showcases are the best for me. 
Now lets take a look at the individual sections. 
Not much to see here except the very limited TIE Crawler which is not my favorite but I do like it. Below are the miniature sets I own as I really do love the small scale sets and plan on finishing the mini planet collection. 
Now the glass showcase. On top the At-Te Walker and a clone speeder. The figures are not the complete ones as that happens a lot with buying used sets on Ebay. Also neatly hidden in the Walker is a Jar Jar figure which I shall not display. 
Below is the Ghost with the Phantom and the Ghost crew Sabine who I have to add still. 
Below that we have 3 of the new 2016 sets which I will eventually review and the Tie fighter form Star Wars the force awakens. 
And at the bottom I have the Starhopper and the Bounty Hunter Assault Gunship. I do like them but they stand best at the bottom. 
Now the wooden showcase. At the bottom I have some sets I like that have no specific theme except the star wars miniature set and the Sea Scorpion from the Aquazone series. 
Then we have my recently acquired Lego Systems sub research station. It is truly fantastic and shows of the creativity of the past. Next to that is the Hydro Search Sub which took me forever to find. I have fond memories of this set from when I was a kid. 
Above that more Star wars sets. The A-Wing is standing on a MOC landing platform made with the Palpatine Arrest instructions. But the colors are wrong. I am really happy that I actually got Savage Oppress with the Sith Night Speeder. 
The next level has one of my favorite sets ever. No not the Slave 1 but the set which includes a mini blast door and Qui Gon Jin. I do not know why but I just always loved that set. The other sets are great too. 
Finally the personal favorite of my collection. My Slave 1 family. I always wanted the Slave 1's in the past and when they announced the UCS Slave 1 I just started collecting the other Slave 1's. And I did it and I really love them. 
Now the moon orbiting my collection, no wait, that is no moon. It is the Lego Star Wars Death Star. Which is orbited by the small death star planet. The Death Star is a fantastic set and I wish I had room in the showcases for it. 

That is my whole collection of Legos apart from the small boxes with pieces. 
Thank you as always for reading. 
Much love for you all. 

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