Tuesday, December 29, 2015

LEGO Star Wars Ghost Crew Update

Hey guys, as I am trying to do more frequent updates and posts I decided to do a quick one before I head to bed.
I recently got Sabine for the Star Wars Rebels Ghost crew and wanted to see if all the crew would fit into the Ghost.
Note, I just mean the Ghost and not the Phantom.
Guess what, they do.

 I do realize that Sabine and Ezra look like they are holding hands but that is the only way to get the figures in the back.
Also it might look like I forgot the oh so lovable Chopper but fear not. He is in there.

He fits in nicely behind the pilot seat.
Here is a top view. The arms have to go up because of chopper and the weapon holders.
Sadly the top lid doesn't close all the way but it still looks as if its closed. It about 1 or 2 mm from closing.

Alright that is all for today. Thanks for reading and much love as always.

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