Sunday, December 20, 2015

LEGO Star Wars Phantom/Ghost Review Pt2. 2

This took a bit as things kept getting in the way but here we go. Last entry I looked at the Phantom with you guys so this time we look at the mothership aka the Ghost.
Quick Facts
  • 929 Pieces
  • Many Play features
  • Part of the Rebels TV show
  • Comes with 3 Figures from the crew and one Trooper
  • Retail about 100 bucks give or take
So here is a look at the set in all its beauty side by side with the show version:
Taken from google as i forgot to take a pic

The Lego set looks a bit bulkier and a lot cleaner than the actual set but still looks the best it can in my opinion.
Now I´d like to show you the set with all the parts taken off that can be taken off without having to remove bricks.
This already looks a lot less bulkier but you can clearly see that there are a lot of play features in this set which I really like.
Above is a picture of the removed parts which are from right to left: 2 Escape pods, the bottom cockpit, the 2 triangle shaped blocks form the front of the ship and the gun tower which goes on top of the ghost.
The gun tower and front cockpit section hold 1 figure each and the cockpit about 2.
Now lets see how they fit in to the set.

Another figure can be put above the sphere cockpit section as all of this is the cockpit in the show. The escape pods fit in nicely on either side and are held in place with a pin connection. Also, next to the cockpit the two flaps lift and offer storage space for the lightsaber, guns and extra spring gun ammo.
Behind the cockpit is another storage space where I decided to put in chopper as he is pretty hidden in the Phantom, you can also place about 3 minifigs in and some weapons.
The gun tower fits in nicely yet it is not held in place to allow a 360 rotation and will fall if you turn the set upside down. Zeb looks the best in this tower as his head is a bit taller. I only wished the back was also covered.
Above is a rear view of the ship. You can see two doors which are the access to the back but of course are not in minifig scale. The engines look nice and are stable but without the phantom docking the set looks empty.
Speaking of the Phantom lets see how the two sets look together as its the main selling point.
The wings fold nicely and it does sit firm in the back of the ghost. However sometimes it looks as if the Phantom is the main cockpit.
Apart from that there are 2 spring loaded missiles on the bottom.
Excuse the bad quality, the flash made it hard. Anyhow from left to Right,
Stormtrooper, Zeb, Kanan and Hera. Zeb and Hera are the main figures in this set as Kanan features in other sets. I think they did a nice job with Zebs face and Heras head.
  • Good set with large amounts of playablity
  • Nice to see that they made it combine directly with the Phantom
  • Ghost and Phantom are Costly together
  • The set feels a bit clunky at times
  • Great figures
  • Id say 7/10
    • I love the features but the price puts it off especially having to buy the phantom in addition for the price it was sold at.

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