Saturday, January 23, 2016

LEGO Star Wars Carbon Freezing Chamber 2016

Hey Guys and Girls, sorry this one took a bit longer as I had some new sets to build ^^

Today we are looking at the Carbon Freezing Chamber from 2016. I am a huge Boba Fett fan so I was looking forward to this set when I heard this but in the end it did not meet my expectations.
Here are some facts.

  • Price: 30 Euros
  • 3 Minifigs with a new one
  • Only includes freezing chamber
Let's jump straight to the pics shall we? (Note: for some of the pictures I had to show my hands to somehow show the actions. I am thinking of adding videos some time in the future to newer posts)
This is the basic view and right from the get go you can see that it does look neat color wise but there is not a lot to this set. Saying that let me show you a closer look.
Here is the back and HELLO, there is Han Solo. The back is very open and you can see a lot of the Technic studs sticking out. This set is what I like to call a one angle set, meaning you can only really display it from one side without custom adjustments. 

The bottom of the right side has a little flap which I never figured out BUT Mr. JangBricks said that this is a place to put or hide solo when you turn him into carbon. If you do not know Jang please check him out he is fantastic. 
Now the hard part, showing the actions. This here is a little lift that is operated by your hand and held in place with the little ball joint. 
The next actions you do by pulling the center ball joint out, then turn it and then push it back in.
This is where my main issue is with this set. From a front view, when Solo goes down it looks neat but one you turn the knob and he is turned into carbon you can see that sticking out quite a bit.
HONESTLY I would have preferred if they stuck with the movie and made it elevator style so that he goes down, spins and turns back up.
FINALLY we have the figures.

  • A standard Boba Fett with not arm or back printing
  • And the first (correct me if I am wrong) Ugnaught figure. He has Star Wars style clothing but the best part is certainly the head mold. Very nice and exclusive figure.
  • Excuse the fact that I forgot Solo
The final Verdict. 
  • The figures are great. I love the Boba figure and the Ugnaught looks fantastic.
  • The price is alright but I feel like Lego is always finding ways to include less for more
  • It is however a good way to get your hands on Solo, Boba and the Ugnaught without spending money on a Slave 1.
  • The set itself is ok, I am not a fan of the transformation or freezing process.
Thank you as always for listening and much love as always.

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