Saturday, January 16, 2016

Lego Star Wars Droid Escape Pod 2016

Hello again fellow Lego fans and readers.
Today in the 2016 Lego sets I own I am bringing you the Droid Escape Pod.
Here are some quick facts about this set:

  • 179 Pieces
  • 4 Minifigs including a new R2-D2 look
  • About 30 Euros
At first glance this set looks for me personally much better than the old escape pods because it feels more stable and looks bulkier. So lets take a look at this set from other angles.
Again above you can see that there are about 2 layers added at the front and believe it or not you can see through the small transparent brick in the front. 
A lot of stickers around this set making you have to chose as to how to put them on and where you want to leave the gaps between each sticker. 
The back looks compact and neat which is perfect for the escape pod look.
Now the inside. It blew me away because of how great it looks. Of course more stickers. The bottom one shows the impact zone and the top one shows a nice small view of the Star Destroyer. 
The console also has a sticker and a little surprise which I will get to in a bit. I do not like the speeder bike handle as controls but I can live with it. The 2x2 space is for C3PO and the back 2 studs for R2-D2.
As promised here is the console and yes I see the Sticker is a bit crooked. God I hate stickers. 
The console pulls out to reveal the Death Star plans that everybody is looking for. 

My final Thought. 
  • Nice looking set
  • A bit to expensive
  • Great figures
  • The interior looks great
  • Finally a cheaper set to get Jawas in
So there you have it. It is a great and cheaper way to get the new R2 figure and some more Jawas and a 3PO. Star Wars is and always be more pricey but sometimes it is worth the money and in this case id say it is. 
Alright the last set I have from 2016 is the carbon freeze chamber which is next and then I think I will go for something not Star Wars unless there is a request. You can see my lego collection here: My Collection.
For now have a nice day and much love as always.

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