Sunday, January 10, 2016

Lego Star Wars Obi Wan's Interceptor 2016 Review

HELLO, as promised I am doing the 2016 sets first that I know have not been released in the US for my US readers.
Today I will be starting with the Starfighter of Mr Obi Wan Kenobi.

  • The set costs ap. 30 euros
  • Has 215 Pieces
  • Comes with R4 and Obi Wan

Sleek and compact design 
The Canopy is printed but the foils of the wings have 2 stickers each.
Lets look more closely at the set.
The back looks a bit open imo you can really see the minimalist approach to this build. 

The inside of the cockpit is a bit disappointing as we do not even get one console and there are more exposed Technic pieces here as well. 

The bottom of the ship is pretty basic with the spring loaded shooters visible but nicely integrated. Please note that the lightsaber "compartment" or holster if you will was added by me as there is no good way to store Obi Wan's weapon in the cockpit. So I decided to add this in the place where you notice it the least and it works quite well. 

A final view at the ship in flying formation. From the front it looks less exposed as from the back and actually looks very neat. It is a bit hard to set up a stand for it as the wings go diagonally down but I made it work.
Now that the ship is out of the way lets look at the figures.

Obi wan looks pretty solid and I like this figure quite a lot. No print on his sides though and no print for R4 on the back. 
The new R4 looks nice and is glossy and I am equally a fan of this figure. 

My Final thoughts
  • The price is alright given it is a star wars set and those usually cost a bit.
  • The figures look great. 
  • The ship itself is partially too exposed and to minimalistic especially the cockpit.
  • It is a nice small set for your collection and Id recommend getting it if you have the money.
Thank you as always for reading and I hope I helped a bit with your set buying decision today.
Much love as always. 

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